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    94. To Shape a Dragon’s Breath by Moniquill Blackgoose

    In this episode we discuss the first book in the Nampesheweisit series, To Shape a Dragon’s Breath by Moniquill Blackgoose. We both listened to the audiobook narrated by Charlie Flyte. J starts the show giving it 4.5 stars but revises the rating up to 5 by the end –– this book rocks! Recommend if you like… How to Train Your Dragon ofc Magic school books generally Mythology stories. There’s a lot of mythology from Anequs’s people and Norse mythology Funny enough, I think if you like this book, you might also enjoy Jane Austen. Both authors are really funny and point out the differences between those from different societies, although it’s about…

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    77. A Snake Falls to Earth by Darcie Little Badger

    Y’all, we’re excited to bring you this episode about A Snake Falls to Earth by Darcie Little Badger, a (relatively) newly minted Newberry Award honor winner!! Worlds collide when a group of animal spirits (including a cottonmouth snake, a pair of coyote twins, a Cooper’s hawk, and a magpie) crosses over to the human world in order to save their wee toad friend from death/extinction. Young human Nina and her family based in South Texas are inextricably tied up in this multi-species adventure.  No show notes, so go pick up this book from your library instead! As Jessie notes in the episode, since it’s a Newberry honor, many libraries will…

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    66. Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson

    We’re back for what might be the most chaotic episode yet! join us for our discussion of Son of A Trickster by Eden Robinson. Attempting to summarize this book is an exercise in futility (you’ll understand when you hear k try to give an on-the-fly synopsis…). While this book can get categorized as YA (the protagonist, Jared, is 15-16), there is a lot of explicit violence, so it would be better for a mature teen reader or adults. Content warning for discussions of self-harm, suicide attempt, familial abuse, drug use, and alcoholism. This book was chosen by our wonderful Patreon patron Grey! They are fantastic and wonderful. AND Grey posts amazing book…

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    61. Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

    Hello, coven! We’re back with a conversation about Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse. There’s some debate as to whether or not the book is young adult, but we enjoyed it regardless. Show notes below! Content warning: brief mention of sexual assault (24:55-25:40)  Why did we pick this book? J read Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse  when it came out with her book club. (patron/friend-of-the-show) Deanna said Trail of Lightning was also really good, and we’re always looking to add more diverse voices to the podcast! Should we make merch with J’s tagline “Chaos Ensues”? Recommend if you like… [read-alikes mostly, but also other media, film, tv, etc.]  The Marrow…