Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did you meet and decide to start a podcast?

A: We met at a university library (on brand, right?!) and discovered we had a ton of things in common, like being immunosuppressed #spoonies and adoring emo music from the early aughts. But most importantly, we found out that we share a profound love of reading young adult fantasy, and we were both longing for some community. Kelly had been thinking of starting a podcast, pitched the idea to Jessie, and we then proceeded to teach ourselves about the medium (thanks, internet). A few months later and voilà! The Library Coven (formerly JK, It’s Magic) was born in August 2018! 

Q: Do I have to start with Episode 1?

A: Absolutely not! You can browse the “episodes” page and pick the one that tickles your fancy. 

Q: Do I need to read the book before listening to the episode? 

A: That depends on whether or not you care about spoilers. Some folks prefer to read the book before listening since all of our episodes contain MANY spoilers (see next question). Don’t want to read the book? Reading a quick synopsis should be enough to enjoy listening to the episode. We’ve also heard from listeners who were on the fence about reading a particular book, listened to the episode anyway, and ended up reading the book and event loving it!

TL;DR: choose your own adventure, but beware of spoilers. 

Q: Do the episodes contain spoilers about the books?

A: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. However, when we’re talking about a series, we make sure not to spoil future books by limiting any spoiler talk to the segment “A Court of Secrets and Spoilers” near the end of the show, so you can bail early if need be. 

Q: I want you to read my YA fantasy or sci-fi book. How do I make that happen?

A: We are always looking for new books to discuss on the podcast! If you’ve published a book, and you’re ready for us to do a deep dive through an intersectional feminist lens of your story and characters, email us at with the subject line Episode Inquiry. Let us know a little about you, what your story is about, and when your book is being released. 

Q: I want you to read a book that I love! How do I get you to read it?

A: We want to read your books too! Send us an email or fill out the contact form, let us know what the book is, and why you think it’s a good fit for the show. You can also let us know about books you want us to add to our TBR on social media. We’re always happy to get suggestions!

Q: I want to support you, and your work. How can I do that?

A: You can donate to us on ko-fi, patreon, or purchase books from our Bookshop!