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79. The Witch King by H.E. Edgmon

hiya, everyone! We’re discussing The Witch King by H E Edgmon in today’s episode. Both of us listened to (and enjoyed!) the audiobook, which is narrated by Dani Martineck. 

Trans masc witch Wyatt has run away from his magical home and commitments, being taken in by Briar and becoming besties…but those of us who read fantasy know that it’s not that easy to get out of a faerie bargain. When Emyr, Wyatt’s super hot, capable, and royal fiancée shows up in the human world, running isn’t an option any more.

CW transphobia and homophobia 

  • Recommend if you like… all brought to you by Jessie today!
    • The Sunbearer Trails by Aidan Thomas because trans and queer representation in fantasy with a really cool magical system that I loved
    • Hell Followed With Us by Andrew Joseph White (but be warned this is kind of horror adjacent, has tons of religious trauma and lots of transphobia)
    • Folk of the Aire series by Holly Black just for all the fae and political machinations. *check out our episodes about this series: episode 8, episode 16, and episode 35
  • kelly goes off about anarchism later in the show #OnBrand and also very much recommends Scott Branson’s Practical Anarchism: A Guide to Daily Life 

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