• Kelly smiles with a mug of butter beer in her hand

    Episode 20: Interview with Kelly

    Hey listeners, welcome to the second (and final) installment of our interview mini-sodes! In this episode, Kelly fields questions from Jessie about a plethora of extremely important topics including superpowers, fur babies, astrology, and books (#obvi). Like Jessie did for the last episode, I (Kelly) am updating the show notes with information I forgot to share in the interview. Feast your ears! My dogs are named after two Battlestar Galactica characters: Starbuck (callsign for Kara Thrace) and Helo (callsign for Karl Agathon). The Portlandia episode about BSG describes how all-consuming the show can be. A friend sent me this wonderful video from the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend about normalizing antidepressant and…

  • Jessie holding a mug of butterbeer

    Episode 19: Interview with Jessie

    Hey, everyone! We’ve decided to do something different and interview each other for the next two episodes so you can get to know us better! In this first interview, Kelly is interviewing Jessie. Is there anything you were surprised to learn? Jessie is writing the show notes to include anything else she forgot to say in her interview! I am huge supporter of #adoptdontshop, because adopting a pet means saving a life. Lainey (the podcat!) was adopted, and I love her so much. She is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Also, if you’re getting a cat, please do not declaw them! #pawsneedclaws Cats need their…