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    Bonus Episodes,  Interview

    Interview with Reni K. Amayo, author of Daughters of Nri

    Final interview episode coming at you with Reni K. Amayo, author of The Return of the Earth Mother series and founder of Onwe! The first book in the series, Daughters of Nri is available now, and you can pre-order the forthcoming book in the series, Decedents of the First, which is available October 5th! You can find Reni on Instagram or Twitter, and we highly recommend checking out her books! Onto the notes! Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman Dorothy Koomson Take the character quiz mentioned in the episode! Check out Onwe’s podcast SUBTEXTing The Read podcast Reni is listening to Game of Thrones audiobook, watching Modern Family and WandaVision, and reading Dream Country…