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The Library Coven formed when two people, Jessie and Kelly, met at the library and discovered they had a bajillion things in common — particularly a profound love of reading. They then decided to take their love of all things bookish to the next level, and share that love with all of you by creating a space to talk about YA fantasy in a critical way. We hope that this podcast becomes a platform to discover new worlds, facilitate deeper engagement with our favorite books, and encourage others to take part in the journey.

Accessibility is important to us — whether that’s for our episodes, website, or social media. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions for improvement. We can always do better!

Hello, Coven!

Are you ready for a book about really cute witches trying to solve a mystery in their magical town? This week we're discussing Witchlings by Claribel A. Ortega!

Check it out at the link or wherever you get podcast!



Hello, coven 🔮⁠

And welcome to season 5! We're back with biweekly episodes reading and discussing (mostly) YA fantasy. This season kicks off with The Jasmine Throne by Tahsa Suri. ⁠


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REGGIE AND DELILAH’S YEAR OF FALLING follows a D&D Dungeon Master (Reggie) and the lead singer of a punk band (Delilah) as they fall in love through chance meetings on holidays over the course of one year

❤️ 1.31.23 ❤️


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